Profile of Executive Chairman

特許業務法人 創成国際特許事務所 代表 佐藤 辰彦

Tatsuhiko Sato
Registered as patent attorney in 1973 (registration No. 7780)
Patent attorney specially authorized to act as counsel in intellectual property infringement lawsuits


Production engineering; materials; software; industrial chemistry; trademarks; design; contracts; lawsuits

Academic career

Graduated from Fukushima National Technical College (majored in industrial chemistry)
Graduated from Waseda University, department of law (majored in law)
Completed PhD program at Waseda University, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies
                             [PhD in International Studies]

Career as JPAA board member

1979 and 1980 Regular member
1992 Vice-president
2004 Executive vice-president
2005 President

Career as JPAA committee chairperson

1986 Committee for enhancing and generalizing patent system
1991 Patent committee
1997 Committee for examining general policies
2003 Committee for promoting industrial cooperation

IP-related activities

1995-2002 Part-time instructor of Fukushima Technical College, faculty of  electrical engineering
1985  Co-operative research fellow of University of Tokyo, research center for
advanced science and technology, department of intellectual property
2001-2002 Committee member of Institute of Intellectual Property
2001 Lecturer of entrepreneur training program in Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
2002 Panelist of international appeal examination symposium Lecturer of Japan-China trademark seminar in Beijing
2003 Panelist of China intellectual property seminar
2004 Panelist of Nikkei intellectual property forum
2004-2005  Lecturer of biotechnology, information technology and nanotechnology IP strategic management program at Waseda University Panelist of international IP symposium Delivered IP lecture at Ritumeikan University, graduate school
2005 Lecturer of IP Seminar in Hokkaido
Delivered IP lecture at Soka University, graduate school of engineering
Lecturer of open school (theme: intellectual property human resource
 development) at University of Tokyo, research center for advanced science and technology
2007 President of Asia IP innovation subcommittee in intellectual property
association of Japan
2009- Visiting professor of Waseda University, graduate school of commerce
2010- Board member of the Japan academic society for ventures and entrepreneurs

Career as a member of government committee

1997-1998 Patent attorney examination committee
2002-2003 Patent subcommittee in industrial structure council
2006 Subcommittee of intellectual property policy in industrial structure council
2007-2011 Intellectual property strategy headquarters (advisory regular member)
2008 Temporary member of patent attorneys examination subcommittee in industrial property council


Awarded the Distinguished Service Award of Japan Patent Attorneys Association, and other four Award.

Published writings

"Development of system for involvement of participants"
Review on "national activities based on intellectual property policy" proposed by "council on intellectual property in the 21st Century"
"Conflict in international patents, and what Japan should do"
"Gaining Competitive Advantage through Protection of lnvention"