Message from the President

特許業務法人 創成国際特許事務所 代表 佐藤 辰彦

We have been undertaking agency operations related to acquisition of patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, and trademark rights in Japan and other countries, since the initiation of our business in 1986. We also have a long list of accomplishments with regard to license contracts and other contract-related operations, and dispute settlement operations related to the infringement of intellectual property rights, in collaboration with lawyers.
In recent years, our business activity in China and other Asian countries has become increasingly important, and in addition to that our activities in Europe and the United States of America are ongoing.
We have been developing close networks with patent attorneys and lawyers in China and other Asian countries, in addition to Europe and the United States of America, to establish a framework that can meet our clients' needs.
Building on our rich experience and networks, we are dedicated to discovering newly created intellectual property, evaluating the same appropriately, building the same into broadly applicable superior rights, and effectively utilizing the same, to serve as the clients' "Intellectual Property Department".
We will also assist clients' activities in foreign countries as well as in Japan in the field of intellectual property, to contribute to the realization of clients' desired creations and successes.
We will take prompt and appropriate action in order to meet clients' needs.

Executive Chairman

The patent law firm, SATO & ASSOCIATES desires to be our client’s expert “Intellectual Property Department” as a specialist IP consultancy serving to be useful for their business success. Utilizing our years of experience and human network, we work closely with our clients to assist them from the upstream of planning the business strategy, R & D strategy, and intellectual property strategy to the actual creation, protection, and utilization of the rights. We will continue to strive for the "Creation" of not only industrial property rights but also of potential intellectual assets to provide comprehensive support for the goal of “Success” of our client. We appreciate your continued support and encouragement.