Practice Area
Patent attorneys who are familiar with the various technical fields propose from research and development stage to commercialization stage according to each stage. We also offer advice on an invention and application strategy.
Design right makes it possible to protect a product in various aspects by acquiring together with the patent right and is able to strengthen as measures against counterfeit products.
We propose a design deployment plan and the application plan in order to lead to strategic product development.
In trademark registration, it is important to include not only the subject product but also the fields of relevance at maximum range in the scope of trademark right.
We also offer advice on acquisition of the rights and the brand strategy in foreign countries for proper protection of the brand.
Patent search and analysis is essential for intellectual property strategy and the speedy business development.
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In a global strategy, it is important to select the country and the application route you wish to acquire the right. We offer a prompt and adequate service by incorporating the practice of each country in our service using our network with foreign agents.
In the cases where "we have been infringed our trademark rights and/or patent rights" or "we receive a warning letter", it is necessary to confirm the validity of rights and/or the presence or absence of infringement by searching and/or appraising.
We propose the best solution from various ways such as negotiation and legal action.